Maybush Australian Terriers - breeder of Nova Scotia's Aussie Terriers
Small dog with oodles of personality - the Australian Terrier!

small dog makes a great companion
small dog thrives in big city "We love him and often can't believe how smart he is. He's very well-behaved, and people comment on that all the time. He really is a good dog."
- Erin, Brooklyn, New York

The Australian Terrier is one of the smallest of the Terrier breed. This active dog is alert and strong in personality. Keen, intelligent and self-assured, the Aussie is also friendly and affectionate and makes a wonderful companion. He is a natural watch dog and will sound an alarm should any strange dog or person approach.

Life is about choices. One of my choices is to share my life with Australian Terriers and to introduce this wonderful dog to the Maritimes and beyond. My goal is to be true to the highest standards by breeding with care and knowledge.

New Litter of pups

Our Aussie Terrier news!
New Maybush Nova Scotia Australian Terrier litter available summer, 2019!

Our latest Maybush Litter was born June 3rd. 2019!
7 puppies - 4 girls and 3 boys
5 blue/tan and 2 red
The sire is CH Maybush Red Starry Knight (Pippin) bred by Sylvia Knight and co-owned with Susan Tooke. The dam is CH Dunham Lake Winnie the Blue (Winnie) bred by Theresa Goiffon and owned by Sylvia Knight.
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Or call 902-521-9471 to arrange a visit to meet the pack

Sire CH Maybush Red Starry Knight (Pippin):

Sire CH Maybush Red Starry Knight

Our new litter:

New Litter of pups New Litter of pups

Gotta love an "Aussie!"

  • Hypoallergenic dog - little shedding
  • Adaptable - dogs suited to city life or rural living,
  • Adaptable - to summer heat & winter chill
  • Good health record
  • Easily trained for obedience, rally and agility
  • Playful & happy to please - friendly with children
  • Courageous
  • Oh so intelligent & quick to learn
  • They are great travellers!

Fun with an Australian Terrier:

  • Playing ball at home
  • Conformation (show dogs)
  • Obedience
  • Lure coursing (this sport involves chasing a mechanically operated lure)
  • Barn hunting (measures the hunting instinct of the dog and the handling abilities of the handler in simulated farm yard / hay loft scenarios.)
  • Rally (a dog sport based on obedience)

Maybush Australian Terriers:

  • Show dogs
  • Breeding services
  • Family pets
  • Puppies
  • Member of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)

Tailer's kennel:

  • CAN Ch. Wilfnbell (Red Bondi Great Britain) "Tailer"

Lucky's kennel:

  • AUS Ch. Laspamas Lucky Nomad "Lucky"
tiny terrier wins group 1

Sylvia Knight's male breeding-terrier "Tailer" wins Group 1!

AKC Major - Nova Scotia terrier

Tailer's pup Maybush Red Radiant Knight "Nova" wins her first Major at the AKC show under Judge Dr. Robert Smith, shown by owner Theresa A. Goiffon.

Sylvia Knight hugs tiny terrier

Sylvia Knight, Nova Scotia's Australian
Terrier breeder, with Aussie
Registered Canadian Champion
charmer, "Shayla."